Friday, 23 May 2008

change of plan

We've just been involved in another focus group, this time an established group of more than 2 years, and we began as usual with the semi-structured questions. But found that the group had other plans and wanted to discuss their concerns about the future of their group.

So we listened to their concerns, wrote down their achievements and questions that they had for the 'powers that be' on a flipchart and then in a letter that they could adapt as required.

This was an interesting development and although we didn't manage to work through our list of questions we did get some answers in our research into learning. We found out that this group were able to speak out about their concerns, they were articulate and expressive in listing the reasons as to why the group should continue. And they had an impressive amount of evidence as to the information learnt and the social benefits. It demonstrated that the learning needs were being met and that there was reflection on this.

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