Friday, 16 May 2008

a vision of the future

I've just been looking up some websites about social firms - businesses created to provide employment opportunities for disabled people. A disabled person in this instance could be someone with a physical impairment or mobility problem, have an understanding or communication difficulty, a mental health problem, impaired sight or hearing.

One of the websites is IMBY (I'm assuming it stands for 'in my back yard') which has been around since 1996, employs more than 20 staff, has a turnover of around £600K and believes that 'disabled and non-disabled people should be able to live and work alongside each other without anyone being surprised about it'. There is a page on the website that describes a vision of the future: and I thought I would share it with you as I found it interesting and thought provoking. The author Mark Powell is the Chief Executive of IMBY and I've heard him before on a podcast talking about social firms, an inspiring speaker who makes you want to find out more about the subject.

Not sure if this is completely to do with adult learning but there is a link I suppose if we think of 'barriers to learning', how to involve people with disabilities and how to be more inclusive.

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