Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I've been meeting with lots of workers ... some paid some not ... everyone keen to tell their story about learning and about the people they work with.

It seems the job is more than the work, it's about relationships and caring, and helping people move on or at least not going back. Adult literacy is still an important service to those who have for some reason missed out on education in their earlier years and the difference it makes when a person learns is transforming, at whatever age. Lifelong learning is the ideal, promoted by the community educators, and can be a worthwhile goal when people know what they want to learn and enjoy the process.

I hope that I may capture some of this in the narrative research ... getting to know people ... hearing what they're saying .... community voices

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

information overload but that's OK!

Had some really interesting meetings with individuals and groups – people were willing to chat without prior arrangement and opened up about themselves and folk that they live or work with. As a Perth born and bred person I'm very encouraged by everyone's friendliness and support – it's like I've never been away – I'm seeing a new side to Perth, some of the buildings might look unwelcoming but the community is more than the buildings.
I walked over to Muirton via the railway bridge, quite a climb, I passed a few folk, also people with their dogs, and round to the Grammar School by way of the housing office, trying to find the community wing. The sign had an arrow pointing left, followed it round and I still wasn't sure where it was. I asked a young guy for directions, he offered to take me through the school and show me the way. He said that he wasn't a pupil now but was doing some coaching and seemed to know quite a few pupils on the way round. We went through lots of corridors and outside where he pointed me to the door. Just goes to show that young people can be as helpful as the next person.

Monday, 24 March 2008

first impressions

people care
building going on
dogs running about
good chat
sunny day
windows boarded
colourful graffiti
more building
new beginnings
old photos