Friday, 4 April 2008

bit more about learning and blogging

I'm learning how to do a blog .... by doing a blog.

To start with I was a bit wary, not too sure about posting the information - what if I made a spelling mistake and didn't notice - what if I mentioned something that offended somebody - what if the things I wrote seemed silly to other people - what if??
Well - all these things might be happening but if so no-one has said anything about it ....... yet ...

If you're reading this please do make a comment, let me know what you think, you don't have to identify yourself - you could put a nickname or make up a blogging handle or you could just be an Anonoblog (an anonymous blogger) - I'll try not to be a Blogsnob (someone who refuses to respond to blog comments from 'not-friends') or to deliver a Blogopotamus (a long long blog post).

You can see that I've been learning some blogging terms.......

capturing the moment

Walking round Muirton with some young folk who have always lived there but more recently have moved into the newer houses we had a blether and took some photos:

X marks the spot or in this case the lamp post marks the front of what used to be a block of flats where one of them lived - it's hard to make out in the photo but on the ground is a melted plastic bin and up the bottom of the pole - it was set on fire and remains one of the memorable moments ......

"Stone walls do not a prison make
nor iron bars a cage.
Minds innocent and quiet take
that for an hermitage"
Richard Lovelace, 17th century soldier and poet

These bars are to keep the public safe while building goes on .... more new houses .... a new community flat and in the background some of the new scheme already occupied

Another familiar sight on our travels and useful for transporting the shopping - makes sense to leave it on its side as otherwise it might roll onto the road and cause an accident .......

Thursday, 3 April 2008


What is meant by 'learning'?

As previously mentioned it could be the basic stuff – learning to read or write or work with numbers – it might be learning to use words more expressively or powerfully – 'the pen is mightier than the sword' is an expression from 1839, according to Wikipedia, although some think it might go back to classical Greek times and the playwright Euripides.
If we mention salespeople and politicians, actors and TV personalities, it might mean the spoken word being a persuasive tool.

Definitions of learning from an internet search -
“the acquisition and development of memories and behaviours, including skills, knowledge, understanding, values, and wisdom. It is the product of experience and the goal of education”
“an organism is said to have learnt when it has increased its options for applying, to a specific set of circumstances, new or different behaviour which the organism believes will be to its benefit”
“concerted activity that increases the capacity and willingness of individuals, groups, organisations and communities to acquire and productively apply new knowledge and skills, to grow and mature and to adapt successfully to changes and challenges”

I'll write more about this later ......

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

playing ducks and drakes ....

Country scene with the bridge in view and the ducks are on the move .......
..... down into the lade and the coolness of the shade ....

Many thanks to my colleague for sharing her mobile phone photos taken on a lunch break just a stone's throw from the community centre. It's a relaxing picture and makes you want to go and check it out.