Thursday, 17 April 2008

what's on?

I'm just looking through the programme
What's On in North Perth and there are a variety of activities which are either on offer or have recently been on offer in the Muirton and Fairfield areas, including:

stop smoking group – good idea to join with other folks in this
computing – always helpful for getting connected
a 'feel good group' – sounds positive
coffee bar drop-in, few times a week
local history group
youth forums, clubs, groups, drop-ins – great things happening with the young people
winning weigh
– I could do with joining this one!
adult literacy
friendship bingo
youth theatre drama group
micro library – saves having to go into town for a book
fit for the future – I could do with joining this one too ....
YMCA detached youth work, street sports, accoustic cafe
(sounds good)
coffee plus
seniors lunch club
– I've been to this, brilliant food!
active project
'oot the hoose' group with creche

Suzie Nicol the Community Capacity Worker works with the local people in both areas and with other stakeholders to identify activities that are wanted and needed, helping to build self-confidence, creating a sense of belonging to the community. And in the short time that I've been around I've noticed that this is definitely working, the community groups are keen to improve services where they live, to meet with each other and to welcome other folks to join them, including me!

Fairfield Neighbourhood Centre has a team of people who support the community by doing the office work, preparing the food, driving the minibus, looking after the building, welcoming visitors, running classes, working with young people, and many other necessary tasks. Some of the workers live in the community and do it voluntarily, some of them are paid, all are working together to provide a service to the community and beyond. Muirton has a number of community groups, some of which meet in the Community Flat, and these include the Residents' Association, the Community Support Network, Neighbourhood Watch, McFUG (muirton community flat users group) and the Community Development Trust. Hope I've listed most of them, if there are any more please let me know? And a newletter from McFUG is planned, called The Echo, while there is another called Muirton Matters, focussing on regeneration.

It's inspiring.